November 2015 Indictments

41 individuals indicted by the November 2015 Brooke County Grand Jury. Below is the list with some of the charges each indictee faces:

Reinhart, Bruce-Murder
Smith, Cody- Att. Murder and Mal. assault
O’Shea, Thomas- Sex assault in First (x) 10
Miller, Robert- Sex Abuse 1st (x) 8 and Sex Abuse by custodian (x) 8
Hauck, Patrick- Robbery
Brooks, Zachary- Operating a Meth Lab, Child neg with Risk of Injury, Conspiracy
Wentz, Charlotte- DUI 3rd
Hunter, William- Burglary and Escape
Carbasho, Francis- Child Neg w risk of Serious Injury
Everhart, Ashley- Child Neg w risk of Serious Injury
Fedak, Jaclyn- Uttering; Entering w/o Breaking, Conspiracy, Del of Controlled Sub
Fitzpatrick, Tina-Fraud by access device (x) 3;Forgery and Uttering
Monigold, Jason- Transporting Controlled Sub to Del and Conspiracy
Yost, Roxie- Forgery, Uttering; Escape
Haspel, Glen- Forgery and Conspiracy
Haspel, Nora- Forgery and Conspiracy
Smith, Lauren- Forgery (x) 3
Dennis, Harry- Burglary (x) 6 and Conspiracy
Paulik, Kristin- Burglary (x) 6 and Conspiracy
Dulaney, Tiffany – Att. Robbery, Conspiracy, Fleeing
Kinsel, Cory- Fraud by access device (x) 3 and Conspiracy
Michael, Wendy-Fraud by Access Device (x) 2, Conspiracy
Thomas, Brandi- Arson in Second deg
Yost, Daniel, Jr.- Att. Robbery, Conspiracy, Fleeing
Mayes, Clayton- Fraud by Access Device (x) 8 and others
Mercer, Michael-Fraud by access device and Conspiracy
Bucy, Jason- Driving Revoked DUI 3rd
Board, William- DUI 3rd
Cuprik, Dustin- Grand Larceny, B&E Conspiracy
McAllister, Cedric- Accessory befor Fact Burglary and Conspiracy
Parr, Seth- Entering w/o Breaking and Burglary
Sherman, Rick- Grand Larceny, B&E Conspiracy
Smith, Curtis- Felony DOP
Wilson, David- Kidnapping, Assault during Felony, Conspiracy
Bachman, Shaun- Mal. assault (x) 2
Moore, Brandon- Grand Larceny and Conspiracy
Starcher, Brandon- Grand Larceny, Conspiracy; Entering w/o Breaking
Adams, James- Failure to register as sex offender
Green, Brenda- Shoplifting 3rd, fleeing in Vehicle
Richards, Phillip- Shoplifting 3rd (x) 3
Jones, Jamie- Fraud by access device (x) 7