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Docket Day – November 9th, 2015

With all five Prosecutors present the 41 Indictees were arraigned.

The Kinker murder trial previously schedule for November, 2015, was rescheduled for May, 2016.

Marquis McClung, Jr., a petition to revoke the probation of Marquis McClung was held in regard to the matter and the Court found that he had violated his probation. The Court ordered that he serve a sanction of  45 days in the West Virginia Division of Corrections as a result of the violation and further ordered Mr. McClung’s probation extended for a period of six months following the sanction in the Division of Corrections.

Logan Daugherty’s trial has been scheduled for February, 2015.

John McGowan was sentenced to 4 years of incarceration in the Division of Corrections as a result of his conviction for “Wanton Endangerment With a Firearm”.  He was ordered to report to the Division of Corrections on November 16th, 2015, to begin serving the sentence imposed by the Judge.

November 2015 Indictments

41 individuals indicted by the November 2015 Brooke County Grand Jury. Below is the list with some of the charges each indictee faces:

Reinhart, Bruce-Murder
Smith, Cody- Att. Murder and Mal. assault
O’Shea, Thomas- Sex assault in First (x) 10
Miller, Robert- Sex Abuse 1st (x) 8 and Sex Abuse by custodian (x) 8
Hauck, Patrick- Robbery
Brooks, Zachary- Operating a Meth Lab, Child neg with Risk of Injury, Conspiracy
Wentz, Charlotte- DUI 3rd
Hunter, William- Burglary and Escape
Carbasho, Francis- Child Neg w risk of Serious Injury
Everhart, Ashley- Child Neg w risk of Serious Injury
Fedak, Jaclyn- Uttering; Entering w/o Breaking, Conspiracy, Del of Controlled Sub
Fitzpatrick, Tina-Fraud by access device (x) 3;Forgery and Uttering
Monigold, Jason- Transporting Controlled Sub to Del and Conspiracy
Yost, Roxie- Forgery, Uttering; Escape
Haspel, Glen- Forgery and Conspiracy
Haspel, Nora- Forgery and Conspiracy
Smith, Lauren- Forgery (x) 3
Dennis, Harry- Burglary (x) 6 and Conspiracy
Paulik, Kristin- Burglary (x) 6 and Conspiracy
Dulaney, Tiffany – Att. Robbery, Conspiracy, Fleeing
Kinsel, Cory- Fraud by access device (x) 3 and Conspiracy
Michael, Wendy-Fraud by Access Device (x) 2, Conspiracy
Thomas, Brandi- Arson in Second deg
Yost, Daniel, Jr.- Att. Robbery, Conspiracy, Fleeing
Mayes, Clayton- Fraud by Access Device (x) 8 and others
Mercer, Michael-Fraud by access device and Conspiracy
Bucy, Jason- Driving Revoked DUI 3rd
Board, William- DUI 3rd
Cuprik, Dustin- Grand Larceny, B&E Conspiracy
McAllister, Cedric- Accessory befor Fact Burglary and Conspiracy
Parr, Seth- Entering w/o Breaking and Burglary
Sherman, Rick- Grand Larceny, B&E Conspiracy
Smith, Curtis- Felony DOP
Wilson, David- Kidnapping, Assault during Felony, Conspiracy
Bachman, Shaun- Mal. assault (x) 2
Moore, Brandon- Grand Larceny and Conspiracy
Starcher, Brandon- Grand Larceny, Conspiracy; Entering w/o Breaking
Adams, James- Failure to register as sex offender
Green, Brenda- Shoplifting 3rd, fleeing in Vehicle
Richards, Phillip- Shoplifting 3rd (x) 3
Jones, Jamie- Fraud by access device (x) 7